How to proceed

(1) Application Process

  • Certificate of the accreditation will be issued in three months at its shortest.
  • Whole process ( From submission of the application to the issue of certificete) can be referenced in Flow of application"
  • Please refer to "Application Forms" in "Form-entry procedure (VE107 Ver 7)" and "List of publication".

(2) Fees for accreditation

  • Minimum fee is from 550,000 yen.
  • Fees will be charged according to the scale of the laboratory. This needs estimation. Actual expenses of assessors for transportation and hotels will be charged separately,
  • Please refer to "Fees for Accreditation by VLAC (VE130 Ver. 6)"for the detail.

(3) Sustenance of accredited status

  • Certification will be valid for two years. Please follow the necessary procedure in the second year for the renewal.
  • Surveillance will be requied one year after the certification is issued. This surveillance is maily performed on documentation.
  • Please refer to the "Sustenance of accredited status" bellow.
Sustenance of accredited status

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